–        What we do differently

Your decision to attend our trauma therapy program is the first step in your long term recovery. The program has been designed to work alongside our clients rather than expect you to work with a generic model. Our team is sensitive to our client-base needs and allow for flexibility when working with an individual. The program directors understand that each person has very unique needs and to be pushed too fast or expect too much can be detrimental to your recovery, as the cornerstone of the program is a focus on your competency and creativity.

The Addiction and Trauma Centre has a unique approach. On completion of the initial assessment the clinical then meet to develop a treatment plan that will provide the best outcomes possible for our clients. Along with this very unique approach the centre is located on a 12 acre Byron bay hinterland property, allowing you to totally relax and work through past traumas and develop an understanding of your life and assist you to look at other options to foster wellbeing and healthy family and intimate relationships. As the property is located on 12 acres we have a number of animals to help you relax. Our Equine therapist works with you and our four specifically trained therapy horses with whom you will spend much of your time when experiencing feelings of self doubt, anxiety or depression.

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