Addiction and Psychological Trauma Treatment Centre

The Australian Addiction and Trauma Treatment Centre has been developed by health professionals with a desire to offer an alternative to the one size fits all model of  health care and a desire to make a truely integrated approach to health care a reality. The centre’s approach to health care understands the limitations of the traditional medical model, and therefore the clinical team has designed an integrated approach, encompassing the very best of traditional medicine and alternative approaches to patient centred care.

The centre’s  directors understand, in the consumer pays model of health care the client is seeking a level of care unparalleled in terms of integration and communication between health professionals, delivering the best outcomes for the client and the clients family.  The program directors have developed a program designed to treat the individual, rather than a generic approach to health care.

The Addiction Centre’s Approach to Addiction Treatment

The clinical team has designed an addiction program that works alongside the client, in terms of understanding the needs of our client’s , the nature and function of an individual’s addiction and the underlying trauma associated with the ongoing use and abuse of substances. The clinical team understands the invasive nature of addiction on the family and have developed a comprehensive family program designed on Family Systems approach to assist families and loved ones to better understand addiction and how best to support a loved one on their path to recovery.

–        The Addiction and Trauma Team

The directors have bought together a treating team of trauma doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, naturopaths and a range of complimentary medicines to deliver a level of health care not yet seen in the field of addiction and psychological trauma. The overriding ethos of the program is the holistic nature and communication of the treating practitioners, an understanding that, patient centred care, must be coordinated care, and managed by clear communication protocols. To better understand the Addiction Centre’s approach or to make an enquiry, please call our clinical director on 0457-888-890.

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