–        Mental Health and Addiction

The Addiction Treatment Centre program has been developed to treat the following;

–        Alcohol Dependence

–        Substance Abuse and Prescription Medication addiction

–        Detox management (Drug withdrawal)

–        Post operative care

–        Anxiety and Depression

–        Psychological Disorders and management of Bipolar Disorder

–        Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

–        Unclear psychological diagnosis

–        Eating Disorders

We also provide a family program to assist families locked in dysfunctional communication or to assist family members to better understand and support loved ones recovering from addiction and chronic health conditions.

–        The Addiction and Trauma Centre’s Individualised- Patient Centred Care

The foundation of our business is the individual nature of the program. The program is designed to treat one client at any one time, this approach provides the best opportunity for the desired outcomes for both the client and the family.

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