“I arrived at the Trauma Centre under a cloud of depression and anger and drug and alcohol addiction. With the help of the caring staff I have shifted my negative outlook to one of active and positive change. I have made a new commitment to the world and chosen to learn new ways to manage my life. Counselling and equine therapy have given me a new sense of control where I was previously powerless over my depression and addiction. I can’t thank the clinical team and staff enough.”

Stewart, Brisbane


“When I arrived at the centre I was very unwell. Alcohol and marijuana had taken a terrible toll on my body and I needed immediate medical care. When I was well enough to engage in therapy and the program as a whole, the reasons for my drinking became clearer. Through intensive psychotherapy sessions and the guidance and compassion of the clinical team I am clean and sober and have a fulfilling relationship. Thank you for your understanding and support and for staying in regular contact with me well after my program was complete.”

William, Melbourne


“Thank you David and the team at The Australian Addiction and Trauma Treatment Centre.

After searching and being referred to numerous health professionals, all to no avail, we found you.

Our family now has the tools and support to heal, and our young person is in recovery, with hope and a future.

Our gratitude always.”



“I want to thank you for all that you did for our son. You have shown us a better way to deal with our situation and come what may we will manage. Please thank the team for their kindness and compassion on what was an anxious couple of days.”



“My wife and I would like to thank the staff at the trauma centre for helping our daughter. We were both so surprised to see the changes she has made and after many attempts at rehab we finally have her back, thank you.”

Peter, Sydney

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