When someone decides to enter rehab or a professional alcohol and drug rehab treatment program, you will begin a process through four distinct stages of rehab recovery as you learn to develop a clean and sober lifestyle.
The four stages of rehab recovery are: treatment initiation, early recovery, maintaining abstinence and long term recovery. In this model recovery is a life long process.

Treatment Initiation

When you make the decision to enter rehab you have begun your journey into recovery. Whether you seek rehab voluntary or you are forced into rehab, your treatment process will begin with you initiating professional treatment.
In the early hours or day of your rehab you will experience feelings of ambivalence around recovery, and ask yourself, why am I here, do I really need this. Ambivalence and denial can be your worst enemy in the early days of your recovery.

Early Abstinence

Once you have made a commitment to continue with rehab for your substance abuse problem you will enter the second stage of rehab known as early abstinence. This can be a very difficult stage due to the physical withdrawal symptoms and the ongoing physical cravings and the psychological dependence that can trigger a relapse.
It is during this early stage that out team can assist you to manage and understand the triggers so you can learn to ride them out without needing to use drugs or alcohol.
The tools that you learn from our professional can help you throughput your recovery.

Maintaining Abstinence

After around 90 days you will move from early abstinence to maintaining abstinence, the main focus of this stage is to maintain recovery by avoiding a relapse. You will learn the warning signs that could lead to a relapse. In this stage of rehab you will also learn to put the tools you have learned in early recovery to use in areas of your life to assist you in leading a sober lifestyle.

Advanced Revovery

After approximately five years of recovery you will reach the final stage, advanced recovery. It is at this point that you use all the tools you have learned in the process of leading a satisfying and fulfilling life. Not only will you be able to remain sober you will have the skills to become healthier in mind and body. A better parent or partner and a productive member of the local community. Recovery is not just staying clean and sober.

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