When you are trying to break the cycle of addiction, private rehab is one of the options available. While the ultimate goal of recovery is the same in every situation many people find that the advantages of private rehab outweigh the drawbacks. However, as the decision to attend a rehab is a deeply person one, it is important to understand your needs and what will work for you.

The Advantages of Private Rehab

The first benefit of private rehab is the very fact that it is private, therefore you have privacy. While the stigma associated with drug and private alcohol rehab is much less today, not everybody is comfortable with friends or colleagues knowing they have attended rehab. While all aspects of healthcare are confidential, The Australian Trauma Treatment Centre offers individuals a higher level of privacy, ranging from confidentiality to an undisclosed location. The treatment centre’s private nature allows you to relax and eliminate many of the stressors that serve as triggers for addiction.

In most private hospital settings the program is designed around Medicare’s model,  as to facilitate a swift turnaround, the average stay in private hospital setting is 14-28 days, not nearly adequate time to address the core issues surrounding your addiction. Another limitation to the private hospital setting is the lack of one on one psychotherapy due to the large numbers in most facilities( up to 80 beds ), and the fast past nature of the program. The trauma centre offers individual psychotherapy daily and is limited to three individuals in the program at any one time.

Another important feature of private drug rehab is the level of flexibility in the program structure. This is important where individuals have specific diet requirements or health needs that would otherwise not be allowed or not managed by a program that is rigid in nature.

The obvious drawback of private rehab is the costs involved. Whilst expensive, in some cases several thousand dollars per week, the advantages of a private program from a therapeutic or a recovery perspective far outweigh the drawbacks. However, it is important that when choosing a rehab you ask plenty of questions to be sure the program is right for you.

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