–        The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Your fitness trainer, and source of motivation and encouragement, will work directly with you to achieve your peak physical potential and experience the endless benefits associated with improved physical fitness, which extend to your entire wellbeing. Our clinical staff view exercise as an accelerant of the recovery journey – as a source of strength, flexibility, stress relief, energy, detoxification, and profound enhancement to the recovery process.

–        Recreation 

Byron’s regional landscape and climate is conducive to engaging in outdoor pursuits, which are actively encourages as an opportunity to develop active lifestyle habits, discover new passions and explore the beautiful Australian landscape. We can appoint a chaperone ,  to arrange any amount of recreational activities that most appeal to you. Your fitness trainer can even incorporate your favourite activities into your prescribed exercise regime if you desire.

–        Hiking

–        Light house and beach walks

–        Swimming

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