–       The Healing Power of Touch

A powerful ally to recovery, daily massage therapy sessions integrated into your treatment program deliver enormous benefits to the healing process. Effective massage boosts circulatory and immune systems, assists the lymphatic system with the removal of toxins, eases mental and physical tension and brings about a deep sense of calm and wellbeing – the mind and body have a profound natural ability to heal when in a state of total relaxation. With the ability to eliminate anxiety, reduce blood pressure and minimise the production of stress hormones, massage becomes an instrumental stress management tool. As an integral component of our  program, the vast benefits delivered by the healing touch of massage will optimise the effects of other treatment modalities, enhancing your recovery.

–        Alternative Therapies

With access to respected practitioners in a multitude of alternative medicine fields, our staff  will integrate additional healing therapies into individual treatment regimes to enhance your progress as required.

–        Acupuncture


Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, like other TCM modalities, is a holistic, energy-based approach to health restoration and management involving the insertion of ultra-fine needles into specific points on the skin in the treatment and prevention of a range of conditions and associated symptoms. By selecting points that correspond to certain functions or ailments, acupuncture can treat both the symptoms and the underlying causes of illness, and build resistance to disease. Acupuncture has become part of standard clinical treatment for a scope of addictive behaviours, both physical and psychological in nature. The ancient healing technique is widely accepted to reduce alcohol and substance cravings, alleviate symptoms related to withdrawal and detoxification, and assist with relapse prevention. In fact, studies have shown that Acupuncture can have a direct influence on brain activity. It appears that the stimulation of certain points can break neuro-biological connections associated with addictive behaviours.


–        Shiatsu


The eastern healing art of Shiatsu  or acupressure, combines principles of Japanese massage treatment and Chinese medicine in the stimulation of pressure points and energy channels within a complete system of bodywork encompassing examination, diagnosis and treatment of system imbalances.

Japanese for ‘finger pressure’, the Shiatsu technique applies pressure to specific areas of the body through thumbs, fingers and palms to detect and correct internal dysfunctions, fortify the functioning of organs and normalise the flow of vital energy through the body.

Shiatsu has a profound cleansing effect on the body. Deep pressure loosens and facilitates the elimination of accumulated toxins. Deep muscle and tissue relaxation aids in the release, management and prevention of stress, and restores physical function to the nervous, circulatory and immune systems assist the body’s natural ability to heal. Renewed energy and an overall sense of wellbeing follow a Shiatsu treatment as a logical enhancement to the your recovery program.

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