–        Family Dynamics Program

The treatment centre strongly values the importance of family in the addiction therapy and recovery process and actively encourages your loved ones to participate in your healing journey – for the benefit of your recovery and for those around you. The burdens of addiction can affect your entire family. Partners, parents and siblings experience the consequences of a loved one’s actions, and equally, the family environment can contribute to the source of an individual’s destructive behaviour, so our recovery programs emphasise the role of family in shedding barriers, shaping values and moving forward – together.

Family members are invited to join you during the final stages of your recovery program, to give them an understanding of what you are experiencing emotionally, physically and psychologically as part of your recovery, encourage the healing of interpersonal relationships, and to offer insight as to what to expect from each other in the future.

Our staff will work with you and your loved ones within a supportive environment to bring understanding, acceptance and forgiveness to your interpersonal relationships and shed light on the challenges that may arise as part of the recovery process. We believe that treatment is more powerful when family members are included in the treatment process, and the more educated your family members are can vastly improve your chance of a full, lasting recovery – long-term support will assist you with your commitment to your new way of life.

This brief family involvement can make a significant difference to the healing process for the entire family as they share your path to recovery.

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