–       A Compassionate  Approach to Detox

The Addiction Centre’s approach to detox is simple; we offer an experience that is assured to be as comfortable as possible, free from judgment and in the privacy of your own accommodation. The directors understand that detox can be a difficult experience for many people and therefore place great emphasis on comfort and medical attention. Our medical team will assess your needs and talk with you to develop a withdrawal schedule that best meets your personal needs. Should you wish to have family members or pets with you during this time we will manage your requests to facilitate the most comfortable transition possible.

The complex nature of trauma and addiction commands professional medical assistance overseen by professional doctors and caregivers trained to manage the physical and psychological symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal with proven medical treatments. Our programs requiring medical supervision begin with a comprehensive medical assessment to determine the appropriate level of medical care required during recovery.


Our professionally monitored residential drug and alcohol detox programs provide a safe, private environment for the management of, and support for, clients experiencing symptoms of withdrawal. Our physician will closely monitor and assess your medical health condition, and modify your level of medical care where necessary. If at any point during your treatment your physical and or mental health requires closer observation, we will adjust your degree of care and engage the number and scope of staff required to meet your medical needs.

Each individual medical support arrangement will be devised with our holistic approach in mind – your physician will form a collaborative relationship with other health practitioners for an enhanced healing effect.  The treatment centre also has access to an array of specialist medical practitioners available for private consultation and assessment as required.

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