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When it comes to selecting the right rehab for your loved one most people feel as though they are navigating a mine field. The first port of call for most people is the internet and this is where the confusion begins. Our program director regularly speaks to family members who are simply looking for the best treatment centre for their family member and we regularly hear similar stories. Each time they contact a rehab they are told ” our program is the best because”. Whether it be a private program costing thousands of dollars each week, or a non government organisation (NGO) who charges nothing, but has a waiting list of 3 months when your family member is ready to go now, and if you miss this opportunity they may change their mind. The truth is, it is important to find the right program, the one that meets your loved ones needs and the one that fits your budget.

Most people we speak to are confused after being told, our addiction rehab program is private and we focus on the individual, our program is exclusive and therefore we have the best outcomes, our program is based on eastern medicine and therefore your loved one should be here, we have the best recovery rates in Australia and to send your family member elsewhere is crazy. Other people I speak to get lost in the length of the program, is long term better than short term, is individual therapy better than group therapy, is it important to look at underlying issues or should we be focusing on the addictive behavior. All this and more is what you have to work through when choosing a program that works for you and your loved one, and we are hopefully going to answer some of these questions now. For more information regarding selecting the program that fits well with your needs and budget please contact The Australian Addiction and Trauma Treatment Centre program director on 0457-888-890

The first thing to consider when selecting a rehab is your budget, if you do not have thousands of dollars to spend, don’t panic, there are plenty of great drug and alcohol programs that cost nothing, all you have to do is apply for the Centrelink – New Start Program on arrival and this will cover your expenses while in the program in most cases, and NGO’s are long term (6 months), however as these programs cost little to nothing of your own money they generally have waiting lists and are communities of 30 plus people. This means whilst on the waiting list you may have to phone once a week to let them know you are still motivated and in most cases you will have to attend a detox unit before entering the program as nearly all NGO’s are not set up to manage a detox as close medical observation is essential.

The length of the program is important and is determined usually by the cost of the program, if the program costs upwards of $8,000.00 per week the program will be short term as most people can’t afford more than four weeks and long term is out of the question. When it comes to rehab, the longer the better, but remember when you enter long term rehab you are entering a community of people and you may not get the attention you would like. As these programs have waiting lists they generally have a clear policy around rules and guidelines and you are expected to behave within those guidelines.
For more information regarding which program is right for you contact our program director on 0457-888-890

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