Alcoholism is a treatable disease and many alcohol rehab center treatment programs and treatment options are available to support alcoholics who are ready to get help for alcohol addiction, but no medical cure is available. Regardless of how someone is diagnosed as alcohol dependent, alcoholic or how they came to realize they have a serious drinking problem, the first step to a successful treatment is a clear desire to stop drinking. Alcoholics who are pressured into treatment by family or friends rarely succeed in long term recovery.
Here at the trauma centre our team determines the reason for the drinking rather than the drinking itself. It is common for most drug and alcohol programs to address the drug use or the drinking but fail to look at why the individual is using drugs and alcohol as addiction is simply a symptom of a wider problem usually associated to psychological trauma one has experienced throughout their life.
Almost all alcoholics who have been chronic, heavy drinkers will experience some level of detox when they stop drinking alcohol. Approximately 95% of alcoholics experience mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms that can be treated by your doctor or at a specialized detox centre.

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