–        Our Relationship with You

The clinical team recognise that recovery is a long-term process of growth, transformation and commitment that continues well beyond the duration of your treatment program. Discharge from the Retreat marks the beginning of your transition into your new way of life, and effective trauma care is critical in maintaining program results beyond the intensive support of the program environment. The development of an adequate post-treatment plan designed to support and foster the progress made during the course of your stay is crucial to this transition and to your chance of a healthy, lifelong recovery.

Aftercare does not come into play until post treatment; however this element of recovery is planned and implemented with as much care and attention as the treatment program itself. Just as the treatment centre’s  regimes reflect the needs specific to each client, aftercare plans vary greatly from one individual to the next, taking in factors like the degree of family and other support networks in place, nature and level of addiction, state of mental health, and long-term recovery goals.


Aftercare plans include:

–        Follow-up and evaluation of post-treatment progress

–        Formal engagement of counsellor/s and other relevant practitioners

–        Enrolment in relevant support groups in your area

–        Adequate prescription of medications


Our emphasis on family engagement in the transition planning process serves to establish family members and significant others as a strong, dependable source of post-treatment support, motivation and encouragement well into the future.

–        Continued Support

Our commitment to your recovery by no means ends at the conclusion of your stay. As you continue on your recovery journey, we are here to support you, unconditionally, for as long as necessary.

During the course of residential treatment, it is natural for you to develop a rapport with our treatment staff, as they support, motivate and share your transformation. We strongly value ongoing contact between yourself and treatment staff as a source of consistent ongoing support, which we believe is integral to your long-term healing and sustained recovery. Our support mechanisms can include:

–        Referrals to respected counsellors, relevant health practitioners and support groups in your area

–        Ongoing contact and support via conference call or other mutually agreeable arrangement with our team

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