–       42 Day  Intensive

The clinical team believe the 42 day program is adequate time to allow you to detox physically and look at the underlying issues that are contributing to your life struggles. The time frame allows those who have commitments to work or family to be in treatment for as brief a time as possible. Many residential programs are long term requiring up to 6 months away from family and loved ones which is an unrealistic option for many individuals.

The addiction treatment centre’s 42 day intensive program allows individuals to develop strategies and skills to assist in emotional regulation when confronted with difficult situation or emotionally challenging environments. Be it difficult family dynamics or situations that arise in your intimate relationships the skills that you learn while in the program assist in coping with these situations without the need for substances. These strategies or tools are at the core of our program as the primary function of drugs or alcohol is to regulate ones feelings when presented with a difficult or emotionally charged situation.

The Program integrates personalised physical fitness and food plans, instruction on lifestyle and diet, mind body techniques like yoga and meditation, a range of daily activities, and a balance of alternative therapies with regular intensive psychotherapy sessions with your personal psychologist,  for an overall program strategy, designed to restore strength to the entire mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual being.

Your personalised treatment plan is developed based a holistic, multi-disciplinary perspective, in response to individual client needs and circumstances determined by comprehensive assessment outcomes. Modalities are selected and carefully integrated to address the underlying causes of destructive behaviour and to establish strategies which cultivate optimum health and wellbeing.  We believe that by learning new life skills and establishing committed patterns of behaviour over an intensive six-week period will significantly ease the transition into your new way of life.

The 42 day program is rigorous yet flexible, so as to accommodate client progress and changing client needs throughout the six-week period. The liberal time frame facilitates a powerful therapeutic relationship with your psychologist and profound insight into the subconscious as a primary healing mechanism.

For more information regarding the 42 day addiction treatment program and availability please contact us on 0457-888-890 or 02-6687-2027.

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