We are now Byron Private Treatment Centre

The Australian Addiction and Trauma Treatment Centre

is a Private Rehabilitation Centre

Supporting People To Establish a Sense of Safety and Predictability in the World,
Treating both Addiction and Psychological Trauma.

The Australian Addiction and Trauma Treatment Centre is a small, intimate treatment center. Unlike many hospitals or institutional settings, we have a beautiful hinterland house situated on 12 acres of rolling hills, allowing the residents to truly feel like they are at home rather than in a treatment centre.

Our clinical team are trained in the treatment of psychological trauma, alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, anxiety and chronic pain. Located in the Byron Bay hinterland the Australian Addiction and Trauma Treatment Centre offers a holistic approach to recovery from addiction and psychological trauma.

“Thank you David and the team at The Australian Addiction and Trauma Treatment Centre. After searching and being referred to numerous health professionals, all to no avail, we found you. Our family now has the tools and support to heal, and our young person is in recovery, with hope and a future. Our gratitude always.”



The Australian Addiction and Trauma Treatment Centre offers treatment for


Psychological Trauma

Psychological Impairment

Substance Abuse


Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Depression and Anxiety

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Eating Disorders

Developed and operated by psychologists specializing in the field of addiction

A large number of the individuals who attend our program have returned to active addiction in the past because they were not offered the opportunity to work through personal trauma and life struggles. Many of our clients come to us after trying unsuccessfully to get off drugs and alcohol after attending a drug and alcohol rehab, as most treatment facilities treat the drug and alcohol addiction and tend to overlook the underlying trauma.

The treatment centre’s clinical team has been developed principally to treat substance abuse, psychological trauma and associated behaviours, founded on evidence based therapeutic practices. We have brought together leaders in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. Our clinical team each specialize in an individual approach to treating addiction, psychological trauma and maladaptive behaviour. The Australian Addiction and Trauma Treatment Centre is a specialized treatment centre, our program is founded on evidence based treatment for psychological trauma, associated addiction and self destructive behaviours. Our goal is to assist individuals and their families in re-establishing a sense of safety and predictability in the world.

Together our psychologists have over 30 years experience working with trauma and associated psychological impairment and together we have developed the only specialized trauma treatment centre of its kind in Australia.

Our staff will design an individualised program based on your immediate needs. Together, we will work towards achieving a more fulfilling life for you, creating harmony with personal and family relationships free of conflict.

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